Our bodies are made of cells, and aging occurs when cells die. At younger age, our body’s cells are strong, resilient and capable of producing new cells. As years pass, our body’s ability to produce new cells diminishes thus resulting in rapid aging process. The real definition of anti-aging is to ‘delay or retard’ the aging process of the skin. this is achieved by building health for a longer life. Real anti-aging involves building good health by effectively nourishing the cells in order to maintain its ability to produce new cells and less degeneration of cells. Stevia plant is known to fight against aging factors. Being a highly effective Antioxidant, stevia protects the skin from the ill effects of free radicals. It also contains natural elements that helps to reduce blemishes, smooth out wrinkles and regain elasticity & tightness of skin, thus making it a great ingredient for anti-aging.

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