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PureSati FAQ

1. What Does PureSati Mean By Its Word?
Pure - Pure        Sati – Pure, True (Sanskrit)
PureSati Skin & Hair care products are formulated using natural and organic ingredients. The main active ingredient being Stevia – A wonder herb, is termed as one of the most effective ingredient in all the products. Hence as the name Puresati implies, these products are all true and pure in nature.

2. Is Puresati Beauty Products 100% Herbal?
We are as close to 100% Herbal as possible at this moment. However, our endeavour is to achieve the target of 100% and we shall do so pronto!

3. Are PureSati Skin & Hair Care Beauty Products also for Men?
Yes, Of Course! It works both for men and women of all age.

4. How Quickly Will I See Results, And How Long Can I Expect The Results To Last?
You will begin to see dramatic results within a few days, but unlike products that might deliver temporary results that vanish within hours, a professional-grade natural skin care product, such as ours, shall prove its worth over the time. For best results, we recommend using PureSati products continuously for at least 60 to 90 days. The longer you use it, the better and younger you'll look and feel - guaranteed!

5. I Have A Unique Skin Type. Are These Products Right For Me?
Our products are formulated keeping in mind a very broad range of skin types. Since these products are made out of natural and organic extracts, they will not at all react or cause additional problems to any skin type. The entire range of products is suitable for multiple skin types ranging from very light to very dark, very dry to very oily and even the most sensitive skin.

6. What Payment Options Do You Offer?
We accept all major credit cards.

7. How Do I Place An Order?
Firstly, you need to register with us to place any order. Rest is all very simple; browse the Puresati Skin & Hair care beauty product categories, and place them in your shopping cart with required quantity. Finally give your valid information during checkout and make the payment via CCAvenue payment gateway.

8. Is It Necessary To Read PureSati Policies Before Buying The Products?
Yes, it is necessary to read on before hand to know US better.

9. Will I Be Charged Sales Tax?
We do not charge sales tax within India. The prices are inclusive of all taxes.

10. Can I Pay Using A Check?
We do not accept personal checks at this moment. However, we shall keep you updated through our website when we start to do so.

11. Do You Ship Internationally?
Currently this service is unavailable with our online payment. Shipping is available only within India.

12. How Should I Buy PureSati Beauty Products, If I Am Not From India?
Either, Email to, or call our customer service support @ +91 22 42096823 and we shall assist you better by providing apt information.

13. What If I Don't Want To Order Online, how to Place My Order?
Call us on @ +91 22 42096823 to place your order over the phone, or Email your order to and we will call you back for payment information.

14. What If I Find Trouble in Online Payment Method?
Contact our technical assistance, with the error which you have come across via Email at to resolve your issues.

15. Is PureSati Online Payment Is Safe To Make My Purchase?
It is100% Safe and Secure.

16. What Is The Benefits Of Getting PureSati Reward Points?
Purchase of each Puresati skin and hair care product will give you certain reward points, which are mentioned on each product page. Once, you have accumulated a certain amount of points, you can redeem them against purchase of any PureSati Products.

17. Want To Know More About Privacy Policy?
Click this link to know more about PureSati Privacy Policy

18. Want To Know More About Payment Policy?
Click this link to know more about PureSati Payment Policy

19. Want To Know More About Shipping and Return Policy?
Click this link to know more about PureSati Shipping and Return Policy

20. Want To Know More About PureSati Terms and Condition?
Click this link to know more about PureSati Terms and Condition

21. Where Will I Get More Information About Stevia Benefits and Uses?

22. I Have More Questions About Stevia Products?
Visit this link

23. I Have More Questions About Stevia Beauty Care Products?
Visit this link

24. Are PureSati Skin and Hair care Products FDA Approved?
Certainly yes! All PureSati Beauty Care Products are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Products.

25. More Questions?
Please email us to assist you better at

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